Who Wants a Balloon Animal?

I had to do a little research for today’s question.  I wasn’t very familiar with the subject.  After a bit of YouTubing, I think I have enough knowledge to make a decision.  Rob’s question today is, what’s a better clown?  Rodeo or normal?

After a few minutes of thought, I have decided “normal” clowns come in 2 different categories.  Birthday party clowns who make balloon animals and scary deadly clowns like Pennywise from It.  Those with coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns, probably find these both equally terrifying.  Although I am not afraid of either type of “normal” clowns, I don’t really find any of them entertaining and would prefer they not come to my party or out of sewers to get me.

I watched 3 YouTube videos on rodeo clowns and that seems to be where it’s at in the clown industry.  These clowns get out there in a small stadium with a bull and help save the bull rider’s life… from what I’ve seen anyway.  That is a BAC.  It no longer means blood alcohol content. It stands for badass clown.  Many of these clowns have been dedicated to the sport for decades.  Most can’t count the amount of broken bones and concussions they have had.  One clown said he was pronounced dead once and had 2 skull fractures.

I knew a guy whose entire family went to clown school to be “normal” clowns.  They named him Fumbles because he couldn’t juggle.  Why would you let someone who couldn’t juggle graduate clown college?

Rodeo clowns win, hands down.  If you aren’t sure what they actually do, Google and YouTube them because it’s pretty cool.  No offense to all the face painting, juggling, balloon animal making clowns out there. May you continue to bring joy to all of the 2 children who are left after the rest are scared away.

Thanks for reading.  Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what was for lunch today.


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