Party Every Day

Since the timing is pretty appropriate, I chose a question Rob asked me a few weeks ago to use for today. We have all heard about Christmas in July.  Stores have sales, bars have drink specials and bartenders in Santa suits walking around selling shots.  Rob’s question for today is, if Christmas in July is a thing should we introduce Thanksgiving in June?

I say why not?  It’s much easier to stand in a line outside of Target for a TV or vacuum cleaner at a slightly reduced price on a warm summer evening than it is in November.  That’s what you mean by Thanksgiving, right?  Shopping?  The rest can wait for the real Thanksgiving.  Who wants to be stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie in June?  Rob could be onto something.  If we switched the Thanksgiving night/Black Friday shopping days to June, all of the retail workers could be home with their families on the real Thanksgiving.  Sorry, we don’t have a solution for doctors or toll booth operators as of yet.  You may still need to work.

Regardless of the shopping perks, introducing Thanksgiving in June really has no drawbacks.  Who doesn’t like another reason to celebrate?  I’m a fan of all holidays.  Flag Day, Arbor Day, Bunsen Burner Day (March 31st if you were wondering), Wednesday…  I celebrate them all.

That’s all I have for today.  Thanks for reading.  Have a Happy Industrial Worker’s of the World Day and let me know what was for lunch.






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