I Choose you Pikachu

No matter what era we went to school in,  there is always something being banned.  I definitely remember toys being banned from school.  I can remember Nano Pets/Tamagotchis and Pokemon cards.  I know there were more.  I remember the only “fad” toy not to be banned from my school were Beanie Babies.  They really did no harm. You would just pick one to bring to school that day and place it on the corner of your desk.  Strange? Yes. Teachers didn’t seem to think it took away from learning though, so it was all good.

Rob’s question for today is, what happened to the hacky sack?  Good question.  Unfortunately, I am a few years too young to have been a part of the hacky sack phenomenon.  I do remember my older cousins having them though and it just seemed really hard.  Harder than playing pogs… even with the best slammer.  I was a little too young for those too, but I still collected them.

So, what DID happen to all the hacky sacks?  I know there are still some around.  I found one in the back of my car after I bought it.  My friend won one at an arcade in Ocean City, MD last year.  They still exist.

I can guess.. I mean, being someone who was not a part of the hacky sack trend, I can’t really find much to do with one.  I know you are supposed to kick it and do fancy tricks, but if it’s not cool anymore who would even bother?

I assume the fad ended when nearly all of the hacky sacks in the country were in teacher’s locked desk drawers.  By the time they were given back at the end of the year, the kids had probably moved onto the next big thing.  Why bother learning how to do really hard tricks when no one even cared anymore?  There was no one left to impress, so hacky sacks went from being one of the biggest fads, to a stalking stuffer you wind up giving to your cat to play with.

I don’t know, I hope that made sense.  Thanks for reading.  Let me know what was for lunch today.

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