A House of Birds?

It has been a few days, but I am back.  Rob was out of pocket over the weekend due to a top secret mission he cannot discuss.  No, not really.  I can’t blame Rob, it was all me and my laziness over the holiday weekend. But, I am refreshed and ready to go.

Rob’s question for today is a question I never really asked myself before but makes a lot of sense.  I have always said I have never been to a proper zoo.  The only zoo I have ever been to was this local zoo and to quote Ross Geller, “they take like dogs and cows.”  But, maybe I have been to a real zoo after all.  Rob might have something here.

The question for today is… is an aquarium a liquid zoo?  I didn’t clarify if he meant an aquarium like the Camden Aquarium or the kind in a doctor’s office waiting room.  I guess both would have the same answer on different scales but we are going to go with the kind you pay admission for rather than a copay.

The more I contemplate my answer as I type this, the more I can’t think of a reason an aquarium wouldn’t be a liquid zoo.  At least for me, both have almost identical qualities.  First of all, they are both terrifying.  I know people go to this kinds of places for entertainment, but I was the kid who quit Brownies when I was 7 because they forced me to swim in a lake and I was afraid a fish would brush up against me.  I’ve spent my life running away from most animals that aren’t cats and bunnies.

Okay, so one thing I remember about the only “zoo” I have ever been to and the few aquariums I have been to is thinking, it’s okay Alisa, they can’t come near you.  That is so  not true.  They keep most animals in cages and tanks, but they always leave the most terrifying creature of all out in the open. The birds.

Most people find the types of birds that fly around the hippos in the aquarium, harmless.  People say, they don’t hurt you.  I don’t care.  I’d rather fall down an elevator shaft than have a bird fly into me.  I’m sure it stems back to my childhood when I was almost attacked by an escaped parakeet while playing in the sandbox. My mom thinks it was trying to land on my shoulder, but it is still the most traumatic experience of my life.

At the “zoo,” they actually had this house type structure where you walk in and the birds fly all around you and people go in there to let the birds land on them.  Why?  Why would you pay for that?  That place also has like random birds walking around like chickens and peacocks…

Another thing that zoos and aquariums have in common is they aways have those rocks in the gift shop.  The assorted colorful rocks that you pick out and scoop into a brown felt bag.  That’s the best part of either place…that and lunch.  I always spent all of my field trip money on food and a bag of rocks.

So yeah, if you stopped following, yes, I have decided that an aquarium is definitely a liquid zoo.  They are equally terrifying but the gift shops and concessions are pleasant.  In conclusion, if you don’t have to, don’t waste your money on either.  Stay home with your cat and watch We Bought a Zoo instead.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let me know what was for lunch today!

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